A Viral Succes

More then 40 million views… Recently GVBeestje (Amsterdams version of ‘The Man-Eater’) went on a worldwide media-tour. I’ve compiled a small selection from articles recently published:

“Amsterdam commuters are playing their own augmented reality game that doesn’t require a phone”


“Disselkoen is shaking up the daily commute in Amsterdam with a simple, but entertaining, game for the city’s public trams.”


“Het oogspelletje is een ode aan de creativiteit, voer voor de verslaafde. Namens de hele patiëntenvereniging zeg ik: Daniël Disselkoen, bedankt!”


If you’re curious to read more articles on GVBeestje, can have a look here: CNN Espanol (Spanish), Kurrier (German), Bright (Dutch), Weneedcafeine (French) or find more articles here.