SXSW 2015

The More You Know, The Less You See

Photos by Yuki Kho

The doors of Salon 3 in the JW Marriott Austin open and people quickly find a place to sit. Most of them on chairs, some need to squat on the carpeted floor. Everyone’s equipped with a smartphone, extra charger and plastic badge around their neck. I am at SXSW Interactive, a large annual congregation of people interested in design, art and technology.

It’s Monday and South By Southwest has been on for a couple of days now. I’ve heard many topnotch speakers feed their specialist knowledge to a hungry crowd. When I step on stage, I know I won’t speak from a specialist perspective. The contrary. I’m about to start, and title of my talk is “Unspecialize, the more you know the less you see”.

Here: you can read more about my SXSW talk.


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