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2D to 3D

Working on a magic wand

In the evenings I enjoy to put my hands on something different then my laptop. So recently I put my drill to some good use, and after some cardboard cutting, I turned it in to a magic wand.

When the drill starts spinning, an initially flat surface becomes three dimensional. Then it starts spinning faster and faster. Within the movement a stationary word arises. The effect that causes your eyes to blend multiple images into a single image is better known as persistence of vision.

This specific kind of use is called a thaumatrope. Thaumatropes are stuck in my mind since my days at elementary school. A friend once brought a disk with a bird on the front side, and a cage on the back side to the schoolyard. The disk was attached to two pieces of string. And when you would twirl the strings quickly, the two images blended into one. It seemed as if the bird was trapped inside the cage.

I’m planning to make another version in the future, but for now I enjoy staring at this one.